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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schizoid Personality: Math & Music, Art & Machinery

Jacek Yerka painting 'Cathedral'

(Schizoid on the outside - the way others may see a schizoid)

Psychological Surrealism Rene Magritte painting


The Son of Man

(Le fils de l'homme)


The Great War on Facades

(La Grande Guerre Fa├žades

(Mystery, the Unknowable is what's "in the middle" of schizoid personality concept)
(Is it the way a schizoid sees/feels himself/herself?..)

Jacek Yerka painting 'Cathedral 2'

(schizoid from the inside - their inner world at a distance)

Mysterious or boring? Genii or catatonic? Strange or just cannot always hide their confusion about the world and people? Emotionless or expressionless? Crazy or just living in their imaginary world? Made of wood (iron, possibly) or glass? Flatly sexless or secret erotomaniacs? I kept these questions about schizoid personality in mind when investigating the issue both in theory and practice.

Now I want to share the details and results of my research with you. Some of these details will confirm certain generalities you will find in ‘
Schizoid Personality Disorder’ Wikipedia article, others will disagree with experts’ labels. Neither scientific terms nor dull objectivity will restrict me in my virtual thoughts about schizoid personality.

This blog is all about a human’s personal experience backed by lots of music and some dry facts – just to make it fun and keep balance between somebody’s imagination and experts’ (sur?)reality.

It contains one main message of many verbally expressed emotions , this message covers one single idea. I have stolen this idea from a fellow-femme who has the same "disorder" as me but her
inner world is less deep than mine. The idea says: ‘Schizoid: a Personality, not a Disorder. Traits, not symptoms.’ Indeed, it's not a disorder as long as a person with schizoid traits is functional.

Keep in mind that this is not a scientific work. When reading scientific works with their ultimatums, keep in mind that schizoids differ. Apart from "schizoid" thoughts, some lyrics and music, this
blog contains my literary, reasonably subjective (and mostly positive) view on schizoid personality. This implies first of all above-average intelligence, talent, refreshing sense of humour and a heart that has been practicing surrounding itself with the wall for some time.