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Friday, March 05, 2010

Schizoid Confusion feat. Radiohead

Radiohead Weird Fishes Arpeggi video by Tobias Stretch

Watch and have fun

Can someone with schizoid personality fall in love? It depends on a person, but generally the answer is yes, in their own 'internal' way. But the problem is how a schizoid personality expresses their feelings. They rarely express them through words, so you gotta notice the (usually very subtle to 'normies') signs of appreciation they send to their love objects.

Most likely you unintentionally underestimate this subtlety. Only a tip of the iceberg of these feelings is above the surface. What exactly is under the surface - only schizoid knows. If you are in love with schizoid - do not expect endless adoration the way it is usually expressed. If your schizoid is in love with you (even in his own way), you can be sure that nobody else will love you in this unique way.

If you are wondering how to tell a schizoid you love him, the answer is simple - do not tell. Telling a schizoid you love them is intruding into their world and disturbing their personal space. So the best solution here is not to share your deep emotions with your schizoid. Share thoughts and ideas or occasional signs of appreciation. Globally speaking, people don't change, that's why if you can't but continue having these feelings, you should keep emotional distance.

Although humans with schizoid traits are sometimes confused by feelings that make them feel like someone in love, some of them long for love. It's as if a schizoid is thirsty but realizes he/she is allergic to water. Don't want your schizoid to get drowned? Do not overflow them with your feelings directly (read as: brutally).

Intellectualize with an intellectual schizoid personality, and it will be ok for them. Show a little bit of understanding to a schizoid personality, and it will be ok for them. Express love to a schizoid directly, and you will realize that you are the last person they sometimes want/are able to stay close to.

Sometimes a schizoid person you have feelings for keeps distance through sado-masochistic interaction. It's really confusing at times. Maybe because he doesn't always understand his own feelings, or maybe it's because of the difficulties expressing them (or both). Or maybe it's somewhere psychologically deeper - one day I'll know for sure. In any case, if you are in love with a schizoid, it's better to learn the art of love from a distance.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Schizoid Man and Female in ****

'O Mare e Tu - Andrea Bocelli (with Dulce Pontes). From album 'Sogno' (1999).