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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero / No Limit traducción перевод

Bob Dylan Love Minus Zero/No Limit (1975) traducción en español

Bob Dylan Love Minus Zero/No Limit перевод песни на русский

My love she speaks like silence
Mi amor habla como el silencio
Любовь моя - молчанье
Without ideals or violence
Sin ningún ideal ni violencia
Вне пафосных звучаний 
She doesn’t have to say she’s faithful
No tiene que decir que es fiel
И ей не нужно клясться в постоянстве
Yet she’s true, like ice, like fire
Sin embargo ella es sincera como hielo como fuego
Чтоб чистой быть, как льдина или пламя.
People carry roses
La gente lleva rosas
Кто-то розы дарит
Make promises by the hours
Y hace promesas en cada momento
Часами что-то обещает...
My love she laughs like the flowers
Mi amor, ella rie como las flores
Моя любовь, она цветком смеется
Valentines can’t buy her.  
Valentin no puede comprarla
Но не цветок - она не продается.

In the dime stores and bus stations
En los mercadillos y paradas de autobús
Повсюду все всë знают...
People talk of situations
La gente habla de situaciones
Люди спорят и вздыхают
Read books, repeat quotations
Leen libros y repiten citas
Читают, что-то обсуждают
Draw conclusions on the wall
Dibujan conclusiones en la pared
И джазом называют блюз...
Some speak of the future
Algunos hablan del futuro
Кто-то говорит о "завтра"
My love she speaks softly
Mi amor habla suavemente
А моя любовь говорит мягко
She knows there’s no success like failure
Sabe que no hay éxito comparable al fracaso
Ведь знает, что победа есть в провале,
And that failure’s no success at all.
Y que el fracaso no es ningún éxito
И что провал с победой - не союз.
The cloak and dagger dangles
La capa y el puñal se mecen
Шпион не ожидает встречи,
Madams light the candles
Las señoras encienden las velas
Синьоры зажигает свечи
In ceremonies of the horsemen
En las ceremonias de los jinetes
Где всадники затеивают игры
Even the pawn must hold a grudge
Hasta el peón abriga rencor
Даже пешкам нужно злобу затаить.
Statues made of matchsticks
Estatuas hechas de cerillas
Статуи из спичек 
Crumble into one another
Se desploman unas contra otras
Крошатся в руины.
My love winks, she does not bother
Mi amor guiña un ojo, ella no se inquieta
Любовь моя лишь подмигнет невинно
She knows too much to argue or to judge.
Sabe demasiado como para discutir o juzgar
Она знает слишком много, чтоб судить.

The bridge at midnight trembles
El puente tiembla a medianoche 
Мосты тревожит поздний вечер

The country doctor rambles
El médico de pueblo divaga
Сельский доктор что-то "лечит"
Bankers’ nieces seek perfection
Las sobrinas de los banqueros buscan la perfección
Банкиров дочки ищут славы  
Expecting all the gifts that wise men bring
Esperando todos los regalos que los hombres sabios traen
И ожидают больше, чем дары волхвов
The wind howls like a hammer
El viento arrecia como un martillo
Зловеще ветер шепчет
The night blows cold and rainy
La no che sopla fría y lluviosa
Ночь дует холод, ливень бьет узором
My love she’s like some raven  
Mi amore s como algún cuervo
Моя любовь, она как будто ворон
At my window with a broken wing
Con una ala rota en mi ventana.
В окно стучится раненым крылом.

Schizoid Personality Test

Schizoid or not schizoid? Want to know more about yourself? (It's better not to know) Visit a doctor.
Don't want to visit a dictor? Complete the Schizoid Personality Test below and don't forget that self-diagnosis is no diagnosis.
The Schizoid Personality Test below was composed by Mikel Martinez - Spanish specialist in psychology. It will most likely give you the wrong "diagnosis" in the full meaning of this scientific word, but it may satisfy your curiosity.

(Answer the questions below by choosing YES or NO)

1. Usually you have someone to go out with - YES   NO

2. If you want, you can be nice to others - YES   NO

3. Usually you do not ask for help when doing your work - YES  NO

4. 'What a great time I had there!' - you often say these words to your friends - YES   NO

5. You have a poor sex life - YES   NO

6. Some people find you quite strange. - YES   NO

7. You are usually calm when others laugh or cry. - YES   NO

8. You always think about something - at home or outside - YES  NO

9. When someone congratulates you for your success, they have the impression you don't care. - YES  NO

10. You never look affectionate. - YES  NO

11. You don't like working in teams. - YES  NO

12. You usually enjoy life. - YES  NO

13. You find it difficult to congratulate someone on their birthday. - YES  NO

14. If others don't appreciate you, you usually couldn't care less.  - YES  NO

15. If someone crosses the limits, you know how to defend yourself. - YES  NO

16. You have little  success with the opposite sex. - YES  NO

17. You like spending holidays in the countryside.  - YES  NO

18. You prefer losing to struggling. - YES  NO

19. You are rather introverted. - YES  NO

20. You are not interested in making friends. - YES  NO

21. You find it uneasy to laugh or smile. - YES  NO

22. You don't enjoy to be a part of your family. - YES  NO

23. Attending funerals doens't bother your emotional state. - YES  NO

24. You feel connected to certain people.  - YES  NO

25. You are familiar with your friends' lives, but they know little about yours. - YES  NO

26. You prefer solitary activities, rather than working in a group. - YES  NO

27. You don't have many friends / have no friends. - YES  NO

28. You are too lazy to cope with your duties sometimes. - YES  NO

29. Most of the time conversations bore/exhaust you. - YES  NO

30. You do not involve your personality with nothing or nobody. - YES  NO

31. You find it difficult to maintain eye contact. - YES  NO

32. It takes efforts for you to cope with your everyday routine. - YES  NO

33. You are energetic and vivacious. - YES  NO

34. You always want to pass by unnoticed.  - YES  NO

35. Whether the news is good or bad, you usually have your 'poker face' on. - YES  NO

36. Sometimes you are apathetic. - YES  NO

Now count along according to the following scheme and see results below:

1NO - 2NO - 3YES - 4NO - 5YES - 6YES - 7YES - 8YES - 9YES - 10YES - 11YES - 12NO - 13YES - 14YES - 15NO - 16YES - 17NO - 18YES - 19YES - 20YES - 21YES - 22YES - 23NO - 24NO - 25YES - 26YES - 27YES - 28YES - 29YES - 30YES - 31YES - 32YES - 33NO - 34YES - 35YES - 36YES


21 - 24 points - mild schizoid
27 - 30 points - intermediate schizoid
33 - 36 points - "complete" schizoid.

Make sure you treat the results with a bit of self irony and positive thinking. They say Kafka was schizoid too, so you will most likely find something to fill your existential emptiness with before you start going crazy...

Schizoid Personality Test Source:  Schizoid Personality Website

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bandits & Ultimate Sappy Chick Songs

"Bandits" is a lovely movie I enjoy watching after a long day at work, it's fun and makes me think less than usual. One good thought the movie brings is that stereotypes about Americans are probably not all true (not all Americans are 'true to' some stereotypes about them?) Briefly speaking, people differ and things are not always what they seem.

Some Bandit movie quotes I like
  • She's mentally unstable to a spectacular degree. (spectacular)
  • I would rather feel too much, than too little. (disputable)
  • Kate's a special lady. -Kate is an iceberg waiting for the Titanic. (smart man speaking)
  • Don't Expect the unexpected, because then its not really unexpected and that leaves you vulnerable to the truely unexpected (need to read twice)
  •  Beavers and ducks! (funny when watched)
  • Girls love men who love danger (wrong, it's much more complicated)
  • Love is a wish you hide in your heart that no one else knows.(maybe)
  •  - You know the hardest thing about being smart?
    -  No.
    - I always pretty much know what's gonna happen next. There's no suspense. (smart man speaking) 
  • - Kate, you should choose. What's it gonna be? Mr. Action Figure Hero Guy? Or brains, and sensitivity, and a lot of other things I could name. So in other words: me or THAT guy?
    - Yeah, good looking, or ITCHY. (ITCHY, yes!!!)
  • - Oh my god! I can't believe you KNOW that song!
    - Yeah. Bonnie Tyler. "Total Eclipse of the Heart". It's the ultimate sappy chick song.(focus of my attention)
    I like all three movie characters, but this crazy woman Kate is my top favourite (Cate Blanchett rocks be it Bandits or Elizabeth). The reason why I'm especially interested in her today is this stupid craving for an ultimate sappy chick song. I don't mind Bonnie Tyler, mostly because I get occasional total eclipse of the mind, and I am a Hero enough to fight this eclipse. (Altho of course I'd prefer 'Twist in My Sobriety' more). This time, however, my attention goes beyond the details  (Bonnie Tyler, Whitney Houston, Mariah, or any other Cryiah etc.) and takes aim at the general picture - the concept of an ultimate sappy chick song.

    Why would a relatively strong female have a craving for an ultimate sappy chick song or something more sentimentally emotional than Rammstein? Millions of answers are possible here, but this is more a rhetorical protest than a question. I'm satisfied with my self-sufficient self, but this craving for an ultimate sappy chick song is something sweet that I somewhat not-too-sweetly protest against.

    Sunday, May 02, 2010

    A-Ha Velvet

    I dig surrealism. It leads the ones who're curious about it into an excitingly subversive world of new possibilities of mind. At first sight, images and sequences surrealistic paintings reveal can seem to make no sense at all. But if you are good at going beyond the boundaries of rational forms of thought, a surrealistic painting makes perfect sense on this 'surreal' level of your vision.

    There's often something strangely familiar creeping among the random images created by surrealists. I like surrealistic paintings because they show to the ones who actually have eyes that nothing in this world is what it seems.