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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

God is a WoMan?

A few months ago I read an article where one schizoid-curious smartass explores the schizoid subject from a close-to-religious aspect. He supports Newton's point of view stating that science and religion not always contradict one another. Here's what he writes. 

"I'll start with the statement that all people are different yet at the same time similar.

However, there's one 'behaviour pattern' that differs from others, it deals with the (notorious) schizoid personality. I'm not mentioning severe cases here, I'm speaking about 'milder' schizoids (good side of schizoid personality I'd say). These people are cautious in choosing contacts, and sometimes this caution is peaking.

Grigoriy Perelman - a prominent Russian (Jewish, according to the name) mathematician is a typical schizoid. He's 44, lives with his Mother in a tiny apartment in St. Perersburg. Likes walks in the beautiful city in the company of his Self. Journalists are hunting him hoping for an interview but to no avail - he hides because he doesn't like these random contacts. Refused from $1000000 offered for his unique scientific achievements (ignored some other awards as well).

And so, about a year ago, when I was randomly thinking about God, I found myself comparing His 'traits' to the ones of schizoids. Avoids direct interactions. Exceptions are brief and restricted contacts. Prefers to speak with prophets only in their dreams. Go-betweens deal with all the contacts, he is  always behind the scenes. He even wrote the Bible through his "write-betweens"... Same eccentricity and inconsistency in actions (or, in any case, seeming inconsistency).

If you're hoping to ask me about the conclusions I may have drawn after arriving at the God-is-schizoid idea, I'll tell you I haven't yet. There's one interesting thought though. Nobody will argue over the fact that if there's no way to watch the tiger, you may observe a cat to substitute for the striped sacredness. Not the same,  but still something to learn about "feline traits" from. So when you look at the schizoid, you see a bit of God."

Is God schizoid, crazy or what? According to the article - both (crazy being the sane response to the world around). But aren't people too "saint" and "sane" for such judgemental non-musical comparisons?

now I need to know where exactly it played...

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