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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Francesco Clemente and Hamid the Great Web Designer

I got a schizoid friend whose favorite painter is Francesco Clemente. He's a web designer, a prominent one in my view. But what the heck did he find in the paintings of this artist? Elegant and exclusive? Give me a break! He's no more than a self-taught amature. Ideas behind his paintings are inspirational, but they are really not my cup of tea.

Just take a look at this mess

How can a person be fond of these awkward drawings and still create amazing web design projects. When we worked at Effusion Creative Solutions together, I even had a chance of watching his creative ideas flow. Now I can only see the result of his work at a distance. 

Have a look at his website templates below. What amazes me is their schizoid stylishness, variety of ideas and attention to detail. Let alone the talent of a great web designer. If you are interested in any of the below templates (or similar ones) just contact the author at to discuss the details of purchasing them.  His name is Hamid.

I call them website templates that make your toes curl...

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