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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Schizoid and Communication

As I once mentioned, Russian and Western scholars' words about schizoid personalities differ in some aspects. After all, the universe is allowed to have its profound mysteries (schizoids)... I'm sure one day I'll  find out from a more professional point of view.

Schizoid-and-communication issue from a Russianly scientific viewpoint:

1. Some schizoids don't have the skill of being initiative in a conversation, they quickly become exhausted during contact. Sudden silence may cause paralysing effect and is rarely followed by anything  verbal for this anything  (even though prepared carefully by a schizoid) can sound awkward and not to the point.

2. Schizoids do not let most people in and are often suspicious towards them, even though in some cases suspicions are groundless. When someone starts a conversation, the schizoid can make a face showing they are not in the mood, some are good at avoiding intrusion (uncomfortable questions or conversations) by changing subject, confusing the curious or joking the matter off.

3. It is uneasy for some schizoids to relax in the process of communication because they are being 'read' by others. Ingenuousness of communication is something which is often unreachable for schizoids, that's why they sometimes prefer communicating through a thin glass of verbal playfulness or abstractness. 

4. If a schizoid, realizing this communicative inadequacy, tries hard to be natural, it only adds more stiffness to the issue. As a result, some schizoids can choose not to be themselves which is wrong. The best here is learning and practicing formalities that function where schizoids have to communicate more actively than usual. If these formalities are mastered, schizoid's real self will stay safely hidden while their occasional reticence can be interpreted as profundity and depth of thought.

"There's everything in the schizoid - coldness and passion (and idea), stubborness and (hmm) obedience, indifference and passionate endurance, brilliance and eccentricity - all of this is painted with subtle colours of striving for harmony that exists in the soul of a person with schizoid personality". I haven't found anything similar written about schizoids in Western scientific sources.

There can be musinderstandings that occur during  (indirect) communication with the schizoid which sometimes cause paranoid reactions on both sides. There can be bad feelings (accompanied with confusing 'black magic' words and manipulative moments) indirected at you too...

On the other hand, communicating with certain unique schizoids (sometimes indirectly) introduces you to the kind of  music you have never heard before.

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