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Monday, May 17, 2010

Schizoid Personality Test

Schizoid or not schizoid? Want to know more about yourself? (It's better not to know) Visit a doctor.
Don't want to visit a dictor? Complete the Schizoid Personality Test below and don't forget that self-diagnosis is no diagnosis.
The Schizoid Personality Test below was composed by Mikel Martinez - Spanish specialist in psychology. It will most likely give you the wrong "diagnosis" in the full meaning of this scientific word, but it may satisfy your curiosity.

(Answer the questions below by choosing YES or NO)

1. Usually you have someone to go out with - YES   NO

2. If you want, you can be nice to others - YES   NO

3. Usually you do not ask for help when doing your work - YES  NO

4. 'What a great time I had there!' - you often say these words to your friends - YES   NO

5. You have a poor sex life - YES   NO

6. Some people find you quite strange. - YES   NO

7. You are usually calm when others laugh or cry. - YES   NO

8. You always think about something - at home or outside - YES  NO

9. When someone congratulates you for your success, they have the impression you don't care. - YES  NO

10. You never look affectionate. - YES  NO

11. You don't like working in teams. - YES  NO

12. You usually enjoy life. - YES  NO

13. You find it difficult to congratulate someone on their birthday. - YES  NO

14. If others don't appreciate you, you usually couldn't care less.  - YES  NO

15. If someone crosses the limits, you know how to defend yourself. - YES  NO

16. You have little  success with the opposite sex. - YES  NO

17. You like spending holidays in the countryside.  - YES  NO

18. You prefer losing to struggling. - YES  NO

19. You are rather introverted. - YES  NO

20. You are not interested in making friends. - YES  NO

21. You find it uneasy to laugh or smile. - YES  NO

22. You don't enjoy to be a part of your family. - YES  NO

23. Attending funerals doens't bother your emotional state. - YES  NO

24. You feel connected to certain people.  - YES  NO

25. You are familiar with your friends' lives, but they know little about yours. - YES  NO

26. You prefer solitary activities, rather than working in a group. - YES  NO

27. You don't have many friends / have no friends. - YES  NO

28. You are too lazy to cope with your duties sometimes. - YES  NO

29. Most of the time conversations bore/exhaust you. - YES  NO

30. You do not involve your personality with nothing or nobody. - YES  NO

31. You find it difficult to maintain eye contact. - YES  NO

32. It takes efforts for you to cope with your everyday routine. - YES  NO

33. You are energetic and vivacious. - YES  NO

34. You always want to pass by unnoticed.  - YES  NO

35. Whether the news is good or bad, you usually have your 'poker face' on. - YES  NO

36. Sometimes you are apathetic. - YES  NO

Now count along according to the following scheme and see results below:

1NO - 2NO - 3YES - 4NO - 5YES - 6YES - 7YES - 8YES - 9YES - 10YES - 11YES - 12NO - 13YES - 14YES - 15NO - 16YES - 17NO - 18YES - 19YES - 20YES - 21YES - 22YES - 23NO - 24NO - 25YES - 26YES - 27YES - 28YES - 29YES - 30YES - 31YES - 32YES - 33NO - 34YES - 35YES - 36YES


21 - 24 points - mild schizoid
27 - 30 points - intermediate schizoid
33 - 36 points - "complete" schizoid.

Make sure you treat the results with a bit of self irony and positive thinking. They say Kafka was schizoid too, so you will most likely find something to fill your existential emptiness with before you start going crazy...

Schizoid Personality Test Source:  Schizoid Personality Website


  1. beavers and ducks

  2. Um... what's 26 points--mild intermediate?

  3. i got 31. is it REALLY necessary to find help for this? i am perfectly fine and content with my life. i tried telling my dad that the symptoms match me, but he doesn't believe me.

  4. I did not understand question 30, dude. It was worded poorly.

    Anyway, I chose to count the questions where I wasn't sure of the answer or didn't understand the question as being opposite (atypical) to the answer on the scheme. (Marked them off) Got a 27. Was it a poor choice to mark them off or should I just mark them off since I'm not sure?

  5. 34, i loved the title above, tnx.

  6. I scored 42½ points, so I know that I am really screwed up!

  7. What would 31.5 be classified as? Intermediate?

  8. umm does 31 equal intermediate or 'complete'???

  9. 19 points, yeah! ^^

  10. Sez 30. Most of the time this is not an issue. It's the way I am. So what? But, when you throw in my anxiety disorder, OCD and ADHD that complicates everything. Thank God I have a good job where I don't usually have to talk to anybody. A successful day is one where I don't even have to say "Hi" to anyone in the office. Now if I can just figure out how to cut out the 5-10 minutes my wife and I talk each night I wouldn't ever have to speak.

  11. 20-21 for me, but I don't I am one.