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Friday, September 03, 2010

Random September Thoughts

There are so many questions I often want to find answers to. Both simple and really complicated ones. If I connect it to some of many things that my vision (and the issues of this blog) include, it would be interesting to know the (close-to)exact explanation of schizoid, paranoid and many other issues, explanation of certain feelings and reactions from a professionally psychological point of view, in other words - to know myself better (and more or less correctly).

In simpler (less intricate) terms, it would be interesting to explain difficult characters in serious movies, like for example why Frank TJ Mackey had so much negativity for women when his father (man) was the one to leave him and his sick mother (woman), or why he had so much negativity at all... Or, for instance,  (non-psychological one) why didn't "little miss sunshine" ever show  her super freaky (cool!) performance to her parents before actually doing the show?

Another interesting moment, I'll illustrate in an example. Once upon a time there lived two wonderful people - Billy and Mr. Clemente (gay student and straight professional). They lived their very separate lives and occasionally communicated. It happened that Billy fell in love with Mr. Clemente accidentally. Billy knew that love is a rare thing, and yet knew he will soon wise up enough to understand everything and move on. One day Billy decided to send a sign of appreciation to his love object in the form of two innocent photos of him he had. In this case it would be interesting to know why Mr. Celemente's reaction was "A-ha, so you want to eat me like a banana and squeeze the juice out of me!" 

I'm not so familiar with paranoid issues in deep theory, but I absolutely agree that one cannot (and shouldn't) trust people much nowadays. The safest reaction here is trusting most ugly stereotypes instead - even if one sees (thinks that one sees?) something genuine. I wonder if I'm the only female  in this world who can feel non-stereotypically (uselessly, if you wish). If yes, I might be the only reader of my future books.

The world is wild, so maybe it's right to always stay on the safe paranoid side.

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