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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hands and bowFingers

There are movies that give you a lot of food for thought. There are movies that almost give you zero gravity of mind. Bowfinger (1999) is a good-spirited, silly and inspirational film. There is a number of small things and crazy moments about it that make you smile. The humour is everywhere - humour of words twins with humour of situation. My special preference is humour on characters' faces, it's real fun.

Open-minded Betsy is my favourite character. She is so eloquent. But Bowfinger is cool too, has some great qualities. Always picks up the pieces and lets the drummer kick whenever the situation tests his breakability.

Traditionally, some real memorable quotes
  • It had rained that day. But was it normal rain? Or was it Chubby Rain? 
  • Happy Premise Number One: There are no aliens.
  • - She didn't have 'it'. - What do you mean 'it'? - 'It' is a special quality.
  •  Afrim, we gotta get a crew. The best damn crew we ca afford. Welcome to America.
  • - Do you love Smashing Pumpkins? - I love to do that!
  • - I have eight brothers, four sisters and no job! I'm screwed! - There's no movie. I can't believe there's no movie! - I showed my breasts on film. For what? - I'm a felon. - Carol, what do you think? - I think it was a beautiful lie.
  • I should never have slept with the alien life from the star system Neon!  
  • My gonads! My gonads! 
  • They're all aliens worshipping their false gods!

    Now that fingers have been wrapped around each other, it's time to touch upon hands. One of my favourite Royksopp songs. Expresses certain phenomenal feelings that cannot be easily defined.

    Chris Rea, one of the great beach melodies. I'ma hear it on the beach today.


    1. So I am randomly posting on your most recent post, but can I just say how blown away I am by this site. By its timing and connections to my own life currently. By Amelie. If you hadn't indicated watching it this year (for the first time?) or that you haven't yet watched Donnie or some other things, I might just think this site is for me personally. But of course the world doesn't spin that way.

    2. Thanks. Don't underestimate the power of 'spins'.