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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My View on the Movie 'Amelie'

Amelie Movie Review

On April 17th 2010 at 6:28pm and 33 seconds, two babushkas capable of 14,670 tongue wags a second sang a song outside my window. At the same moment, on my window ledge two dull-coloured probably not too young (but still longing for love) pigeons got together to (obviously) perform some magically rough act of lovely unity. At the same moment, I started watching the movie 'The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain'.

Amelie themed wedding cakes ...

What Amelie is about
  • people with good soul mostly, minimal amount of snobs and idiots
  • small pleasures of life we often overlook
  • unique details about people and situations we do not notice
  • rare case of love at first sight which does exist
  • schizoid personality - special in its own way. Amelie's father is schizoid, not sure about her. According to the sources, she is avoidant which is believable.
Random Amelie scenes that I liked (just a few of many).

Amelie doesn't have a boyfriend. She tried once or twice, but the results were a let-down. (just look at that face)

Instead, she cultivates a taste for small pleasures. Plunging her hand deep into a sack of grain.

Skimming stones on the Canal St Martin.

No explanation I can't understand it. I can't understand it.

Why Watch Amelie (more than once)
  • perfect humour - especially juicy in details
  • great soundtrack - La Valse d'Amelie is one of my favs
  • makes you feel so excitingly emotional
  • unique methods of seducing unique men
  • purely French approach to romance and sensuality.
What the Movie Amelie teaches you
  • the pleasure of cultivating small pleasures
  • love is a great beautician
  • love is an incurable illness
  • being sexy has more to do than just looks
  • seeing romance in terms of anything but 'business'.
Amelie Movie Quotes:

Nino is late. Amelie can only think of two possible explanations.
Firstly, that he didn't find the photo. 
Secondly, before he could assemble it, a gang of bank robbers took him hostage. The cops gave chase. They got away, but he caused a crash. When he recovered, he couldn't remember anything. A trucker gave him a ride and believing that he is a fugitive, shipped him to Istanbul. There, he came across Afghan raiders, who took him with them to steal soviet missiles. But their lorry exploded on a landmine in Tajikistan. He survived, mountaineers helped him out, and he became a mujaheddin fighter. Amelie refuses to get upset for a guy  who'll eat borsch all his life in a hat like a tea cosy.

These are hard times for dreamers.


  1. I love this movie, the music is so fantastic and full of emotions.

  2. Have you ever seen Rumble Fish? Great movie, definitely worth watching! (I recommend watching it more than 1 time as well.)