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Monday, April 12, 2010

Is everything a game?

(Tomek Setowski painting)

It is quite possible that everything is a game. Depends on how you see everything, or depends on how everything is presented to you by someone whose opinion you value. In certain situations, when you need to focus on something that is important to you, it seems to be vital for you to know if everything is a game or not.

But if you try and see things from a distance, you will be able to open your mind wide enough to embrace all the details and circumstances behind them. As a result, whether everything is a game or not will bear little importance to you sometimes. If life is a game, you just gotta play it right and maintain your mental health. If life is life, live it to the fullest and try not to hurt yourself or others.

If a certain emotionally powerful situation resembles a game, it's not too bad. Play it as long as it brings you satisfaction, have fun as much as you want without overanalyzing it. But always, always be ready to accept and move on with the fact that anything can turn out a game. Move on alone. You've seen it all and you know how to move on alone.

random music:

I haven't seen Donnie Darko yet, but I like this song and I love the video. The world is mad sometimes, wouldn't you agree?

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  1. Hi there! I´m a brazilian journalist who wants to congratulate you on your sensitivity, intelligence and courage to creating and feeding this blog. I really appreciate it and identify myself with your world, even not considering myself a schizoid. I feel connected to people who think (and feel) outside the box. Dealing with them is thrilling and challenging - ok, also hurtful, sometimes - but it´s never meaningless. Hope you keep posting. See you,
    Isabel K.

    P.S.: I think Lars von Trier´s "Melancholia" is a good movie to think about... From a certain point of view, it´s about noticing what no one else is noticing. And also about a rich inner world which the girl has, while the others are only worried about superficial stuff...

    P.S 2: If you like good music, maybe you´d like to hear "Beijo partido" (by Toninho Horta, sung by Milton Nascimento), one example of beautiful Popular Brazilian Music song. You can find a version of it in Youtube.