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Monday, April 19, 2010

Communicating with a Schizoid

(from Deep Dish Say Hello video)

If you want to know how to communicate with a schizoid, you are A. someone close to being a schizoid (you just don't know it yet) B. someone who is quite lonely or isn't looking for easy ways in choosing friends/people to communicate with C. someone who cherishes communication with the particular schizoid for some unexplicable reason.

Since I'm here to share my tips and experience in communicating with a schizoid, I'll switch straight to the point.

1. NO to intrusion. If you feel that your schizoid is more than usually not in the mood to communicate, keep safe distance from overcommunicating. Be there but do not intrude.

2. NO to labeling. Open your mind wide enough to be able to understand your schizoid, it will help you communicate with your special schizoid more effectively.

3. BIG NO to lies. Don't lie, simple as that. If you like communicating with a schizoid, you hate lies too, don't you?

4. Be gentle. Meaning make an attempt to understand your schizoid, no mental pressure or physical intrusion allowed (even if it's a kiss or a hug), they will most likely do no good, especially if unexpected. If your schizoid realizes you understand them, they will appreciate you greatly - in their own "quietly" , symbolically expressive way.

5. Ideas, not emotions. Share more thoughts and ideas with your schizoid, avoid expressing your feelings - if you feel something special towards your schizoid that is. Emotions scare schizoids away sometimes - both expressed by you and their own even.

6. NO great expectations. Do not expect that your communication with the schizoid will always bring you pleasure. Their language is vague, their thoughts may be brilliant but not always clear which can be confusing. Learn to read the signs, most schizoids express certain sacred thoughts (including emotions) via symbols that are very important to them.

7. Patience and understanding. Schizoid personality is complicated and uneasy to deal with, even for schizoids themselves. Don't judge them and be understanding enough to comprehend the fact that your schizoid has a "precious" personality. Handle them with care, and try to understand that the key word is not emotionless, it's having difficulty expressing emotions

Communicating with a schizoid is not an exact science. Some tips you have read above are useful and more or less universal. However, you should keep in mind that your special schizoid is unique and differs from others. In other words, their talents, "solitary activities", sensitive (glassy) spots and wooden defenses are individual and may differ much.

Deep Dish "Say Hello" video is a fine example of "schizoid communication" through signs


  1. Nice, and quite true. Great blog.

  2. Hahaha! And who are you? Lol, you bring me great Joy to know that someone as far distant as you could be to my imagination found a way to express all of this through text. Congratulations. Now, although good information, your dear personality must have a bone to pick at some point for having treating "it" as an "it." No pressure though, it is your way of expressing and communicating because you're also making it available for others to understand. Good job for finding the light, most don't understand that for your special kind you have to find it, lol. Anyways, just wanted to say hello, and again thank you for making things a little easier for some to understand. Don't forget, when we make them sound like "dogs" we are only talking about our other selves, and it does affect us with time. Just in case you have any other "special personalities" reading your blogs. I hope to visit often, it's still fun to communicate on an unidentified plane (surely identified to you and I).