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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mylene Farmer aka Poetic Prostitute (with Seal) in "California"

I've always liked Mylene Farmer - exquisitely French, original, sexy in a way. She gives (sells) poetry and sex, which is one of the keys to success in being a sexy French singer... But there is definitely something missing in her sexiness and songs (I find them worth listening to) which prevents me from associating her image with pure art.

What does
Mylene Farmer need more of to get her sexiness and muisca closer to perfection? See my 'bulleted' opinion below:

  • more real impressive songs (all she has is just 'one-or-two hit wonders' from the past - "Je te rends ton amour", "Beyond my control", "XXL", "Ainsi soit je…", "California"
  • more voice (her voice is sensual, but not powerful enough)
  • definitely MORE ass (perky is sexy, flat is bad)
  • less fake beauty, more class (red hair is cool, but it is dyed).
Maybe Mylene also needs more Seal?That Les Mots album photo with him looked very inspiring - see above.

To put this long story short, having the image of
Poetic Prostitute is not enough to be 100% sexy. The peak of a woman's sexuality (and the key to it) is her ability to be different. Not in a 'split personality' way, but in the way that Mylene Farmer herself created in one of her videos to one of her best songs 'California'. She's both a lady and a (poetic) prostitute there. This (plus other ingredients) is what I call très sexy. Enjoy watching

L'univers a ses mysteres...

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