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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Schizoid Relationship Pattern

It takes more than one view on life to understand that different people (with schizoid personality) maintain (or fail to maintain) different types of relationships. Below is one schizoid relationship example of (hopefully) many.

(Rafal Olbinski paintings)

Vladimir Kush 'Narcissus'

Online cri de coeur, or The Shortest Play Ever

  • The Persons of the Play

Jack (has a blog about schizoid personality)

Margot (has a comment (cri de coeur) on Jack's blog, she doesn't know she's a source of supply)

Anonymous Observer (has read it all and thought it over)
  • The Scenes of the Play

Act ∞ Somewhere Near Mars, World Wide Web

Time: flies as usual
[Margot is writing a comment to post on Jack's blog about schizoid personality]

Margot. [heart beating rapidly] Jack, I am so glad I found your blog. I really need your help. I just discovered, after a 6 months-long relationship with a man (mostly online relationship, communication through emails - he lives in another city) that he is a 'schizoid personality'. It's a huge relief for me to know this because now I have answers to questions I could not articulate before. I've gone into the issue and now understand it (him) more. I could really use the perspective of someone else with schizoid personality so I could learn how to be there without overwhelming him, that's why I'm asking you to help me. This schizoid man has a great mind, brilliant brain, kind and thoughtful disposition and special charm. He is so honest, he means the (inner world of me) to me - because he is inside me. [smiling sadly] He has five kids and has been married and divorced four times. When I asked him what he wanted from me, he said he wanted what we'd been having these past few months i.e. long distance relationship via correspondence. [sighs] I love him unconditionally and want to understand him better. [crying silently] I think I will succeed at it because I'm an introvert and a loner myself. I have a rich inner world and lots of hobbies. I'll shut up here, hope to hear from you, thanks Jack!

(a month later)

[Jack is typing a reply to Margot's comment]

Jack. Hi Margot.
I think I've seen you on [sitename], just posted my first story there.
Common sense prompts to advise you not to get dependent on such kind of relationship as the other person can abuse their power over you. But then again, I might not be the best advice-giver here...
You're saying you have learnt the details about his 'personality' now, but 'Nancy' here is also a nice person who might provide valuable advice.

[Margot is leaving no further comments]

(almost a year later)

[Anonymous Observer is reading Jack's blog about Schizoid Personality]

Anonymous Observer. [thinking thoughts and experiencing emotions, but they are anonymous].


(Okean Elzy Vidpusty Let Me Go Video)

how i don't like this video, I should do something about it...

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